Mobile apps, devices and the new age of healthcare

By Kim Spithill on 22nd October 2021

Patient care, health engagement, and wellness are at the forefront of Mav3rik’s mission to change lives and leave a legacy.

Health Technology

Mav3rik are passionate about peoples health. 

We want to make an impact and leave behind a lasting legacy is improving peoples lives by leveraging health technology.

We know health technology is undergoing innovation at a rate of knots. The Australian Government is investing $10 million in research projects using the latest digital and mobile technology to improve primary health care delivery. Source

Salesforce app solutions say Data is the lifeblood of life sciences, which makes mobile apps and connected devices critical in driving research and innovation. Armed with the right mobile apps, healthcare professionals can deliver a new level of personalised patient care that was never available before.

“We are committed to creating a positive impact on peoples lives. My drive is to provide health care solutions that provide trusted, 360-degree views of patient data. “Creating an ecosystem of real-time information, providing physicians and healthcare professionals with vital patient data. The upside of this, leveraging IoMT with connected devices and monitoring apps is we can build an early warning system, that might just save someone's life." Sean Finucane Mav3rik cofounder.

Internet of Medical Things

IoMT enables real-time tracking and collection of health data. This can be sent to Salesforce Health Cloud and other databases that are integrated with a host of healthcare services.

This collection can be used smartly to raise emergency alerts no matter where the person/patient is. This is great for people at home, in aged care and even staying in a hospital.

The data can even be streamed to a central collection and alert systems at the operations deck in an aged care, health care or hospital setting. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote monitoring has revolutionised the experience of patient healthcare and connectedness between patient and physician. It also empowers people to engage and take control of their well being.

Mav3rik have recently prototyped a health care monitoring application that collects data from medical devices and streams it straight into Health Cloud.

 An end-to-end remote patient care solution, consisting of:

  • Native mobile application for patients with a connected wearable device
  • Salesforce Health Cloud used by clinicians to monitor remote care observations

You can read more about it here

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