About Us

Mav3rik by name, mavericks by nature: the entire makeup of our company centres around breaking the mould.

Our passion is people and technology.

At the core at Mav3rik is a single vision: simplifying complexity. This idea led to us building out our company, team, and approach to make that impact on the part of organisations that matter most: the people.

Now with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the Philippines, that vision is still what fuels us and our journey. We like to practice what we preach, enacting change from within our very own walls and always striving for better. Far from an average tech company, Mav3rik takes pride in our inclusive team, our culture of collaboration, and our propensity to give back while always moving forward.

A little about us

Our journey began back in 2017, with Salesforce architects Richard and Sean sharing a passion for technology, people, and helping businesses reach their fullest potential. Committed to continuously pushing boundaries, they chose a name that echoed this attitude, and thus, Mav3rik was born – taking flight into the unknown but chosen.

We have since grown into a talented team of mavericks, pushing for projects that require continuous innovation, and, in doing so, directly embodying the change that Richard and Sean envisioned. On top of that, we also sit on the Salesforce Advisory Board, meaning we influence development both by implementing the platform for others, and within the makeup of the platform itself. That is to say, challenging the status quo is something that has always come naturally to us.

our values

Roll Up Our Sleeves

Throwing ourselves into what we do wholeheartedly, we’re not afraid to get down in the dirt. We adapt quickly and make things happen.


Be A Mav3rik

Living as we say, we constantly visualise, enact, and strive for positive change. We’re never afraid to challenge the norm.


Own It

We don’t do things without intention: we own them. We take accountability for each project we undertake, delivering on promises.


Succeed Together

We’re more than the sum of our parts, and know that the best results are achieved when we and our clients are working together.

A little deeper


Those that play together stay together, right? We have regular team meetups and activities, have lunches together, and are known to enjoy a drink (or three) in each other’s company. We like to think of each other as a second family, generally having each other’s backs and encouraging a culture of support.


Diversity & Inclusion

We appreciate everyone in our team, no matter what their walk of life. Mandated diversity isn’t part of company policy or anything, but it’s something that we are genuinely passionate about. We inherently believe it to be an essential cornerstone of any business, especially in the tech industry, where certain voices are seldom fairly represented.


Giving Back

Our drive for forward growth also extends to the communities around us: Mav3rik has several initiatives that help us give back. This includes volunteer events for local charities, pro bono work for organisations, and Salesforce’s ‘Pledge 1%’, meaning that a percentage of our profit, time, and equity are given directly to charity.


Salesforce Platform Advisory Board

Only accredited to a handful of companies in the world, our seat on Salesforce’s Advisory Board means that we directly influence the platform on a global scale. With a say in its direction, features, and functionality, we make sure to extend our attitude of being mavericks in both utilising and improving the platform.

Like the sound of being a Mav3rik?

From Salesforce training accreditations to quarterly health benefits for wellness expenses, we are, quite literally, a certified Great Place to Work. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and join the team.

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