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After understanding how Salesforce can work for you, we harness the platform to enhance your customer engagement.


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We optimally incorporate industry-leading applications like Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.


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Mobilising your ideas, we engage IT, digital teams and innovation labs to develop apps and interfaces that are intuitive to use.


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We integrate industry-leading analytics and bespoke design to give you UX and UI experiences that are both approachable and scalable.

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Sustainable Non-Admitted Care Solutions on Health Cloud

Implementation of sustainable solutions is a pressing need for healthcare providers. Every digital transformation initiative aims for it at the beginning, but it is often less prioritised during the implementation. Are we incorporating sustainability requirements as part of minimum lovable/viable product releases? Technology sustainability refers to the long-term viability and endurance of technological solutions, systems, or practices. It encompasses the ability of technology to remain relevant, effective, and functional over an extended period, considering factors such as evolving user needs, changing technological landscapes, economic considerations, environmental impact, and ongoing maintenance and support. What if they come by default with a new platform? In this blog post, we will delve into how an organisation can proactively meet sustainability demands, while also recognising and addressing the challenges that come with incorporating and prioritising these essential needs. Rapid functionality prioritisation neglects sustainability, leading to long-term viability challenges Organisations excessively prioritise rapid inclusion of functionalities, neglecting sustainability requirements during transformation. Focus on adding features diminishes the importance of sustainability, …

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