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We at Mav3rik support the visionaries: those that conceptualise tomorrow and actively grow towards it.

So you’re the mover, the risk taker, the initiator. You want to work better, and to create long-lasting, positive change in your world.

Us? We’re all about helping you blaze that trail forward, streamlining your processes to let you and your work take the spotlight.

Working alongside you, we tailor our approach to your unique environment, seamlessly integrating cloud and Salesforce solutions. We make sure to keep things agile, creative, and intrinsically people focused.

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After understanding how Salesforce can work for you, we harness the platform to enhance your customer engagement.


Cloud Solutions

We optimally incorporate industry-leading applications like Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.


App Development

Mobilising your ideas, we engage IT, digital teams and innovation labs to develop apps and interfaces that are intuitive to use.


User Experience

We integrate industry-leading analytics and bespoke design to give you UX and UI experiences that are both approachable and scalable.

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The Art of Code Reviews

A bit of history During the summer of 2015, I was just a simple yet somehow seasoned developer. Seasoned enough to venture the world of CRM. At the time, I was not working on Salesforce but rather a CRM which was fully dependent on its own performant programming language. Let’s just say it was the Apex language for that system. It was old school, but performant nonetheless. The language was the perfect niche in combination with my current skill set, or so I thought until I met a senior developer who has been working it from its inception. I was lucky enough to be working with this senior developer as she pointed out the flaws in my code style during a code review session. The feedback was harsh and unexpected, but the feeling of appreciation was there nonetheless. Through the process, I learned the importance of optimising my code to the last character. …

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The Art of Code Reviews
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