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We at Mav3rik support the visionaries: those that conceptualise tomorrow and actively grow towards it.

So you’re the mover, the risk taker, the initiator. You want to work better, and to create long-lasting, positive change in your world.

Us? We’re all about helping you blaze that trail forward, streamlining your processes to let you and your work take the spotlight.

Working alongside you, we tailor our approach to your unique environment, seamlessly integrating cloud and Salesforce solutions. We make sure to keep things agile, creative, and intrinsically people focused.

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After understanding how Salesforce can work for you, we harness the platform to enhance your customer engagement.


Cloud Solutions

We optimally incorporate industry-leading applications like Health Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.


App Development

Mobilising your ideas, we engage IT, digital teams and innovation labs to develop apps and interfaces that are intuitive to use.


User Experience

We integrate industry-leading analytics and bespoke design to give you UX and UI experiences that are both approachable and scalable.

Client Successes

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Mobile apps, devices and the new age of healthcare

Patient care, health engagement, and wellness are at the forefront of Mav3rik’s mission to change lives and leave a legacy. Health Technology Mav3rik are passionate about peoples health.  We want to make an impact and leave behind a lasting legacy is improving peoples lives by leveraging health technology. We know health technology is undergoing innovation at a rate of knots. The Australian Government is investing $10 million in research projects using the latest digital and mobile technology to improve primary health care delivery. Source.  Salesforce app solutions say Data is the lifeblood of life sciences, which makes mobile apps and connected devices critical in driving research and innovation. Armed with the right mobile apps, healthcare professionals can deliver a new level of personalised patient care that was never available before. “We are committed to creating a positive impact on peoples lives. My drive is to provide health care solutions that provide trusted, 360-degree views of patient …

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Mobile apps, devices and the new age of healthcare
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