Extending care via Remote Patient Monitoring

By seanfinucanemav3rikcom on 8th October 2021

We recently conducted our very first internal Hackathon run over two half days. The ideas surfaced by our very own Mav3rik’s and ultimately their execution was of the highest caliber.

It was an extremely close race with team “Fantasthack4” taking first place in the end with their remote patient monitoring app solution. 

What is it? 

An end-to-end remote patient care solution, consisting of:

  • Native mobile application for patients with a connected wearable device
  • Salesforce Health Cloud used by clinicians to monitor remote care observations

What made it stand out from the other impressive ideas and pitches?

Not only is it timely given the current pandemic, but it also demonstrates our strong focus in healthcare as well as our extensive experience in mobile, integration and of course, Salesforce.

With Healthcare and Life Sciences being one of Mav3rik’s focus industries, we are looking forward to deploying this and other game-changing solutions to clients in this space using Salesforce Health Cloud and complementary technologies.

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