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A continued focus in Healthcare & Life Sciences as we kick-off FY24

By Valerie Raffa on 11th July 2023 in

As the country continues to adapt to the post-COVID pandemic world, new models of care are emerging with a strong focus on delivering care in the community, accelerating access to quality care, and breaking the …

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The Art of Code Reviews

By Glenn Dimaliwat on 29th October 2021

A bit of history During the summer of 2015, I was just a simple yet somehow seasoned developer. Seasoned enough to venture the world of CRM. At the time, I was not working on Salesforce but …

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Mobile apps, devices and the new age of healthcare

By Kim Spithill on 22nd October 2021

Patient care, health engagement, and wellness are at the forefront of Mav3rik’s mission to change lives and leave a legacy. Health Technology Mav3rik are passionate about peoples health.  We want to make an impact and leave behind a …

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