A continued focus in Healthcare & Life Sciences as we kick-off FY24

By Valerie Raffa on 11th July 2023

As the country continues to adapt to the post-COVID pandemic world, new models of care are emerging with a strong focus on delivering care in the community, accelerating access to quality care, and breaking the data silos in the industry. The Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry is a strategic industry for Mav3rik. Our employees put their heart and soul into developing solutions of high standards. They do so through their passion for blazing new trails in the industry, pushing the boundaries of technology, and breaking the socioeconomic barriers to accessing care.

Our Lighthouse Healthcare Projects in flight

At Mav3rik, we started off the new Financial Year with great momentum as some of the key projects head into critical phases of build and deployment! We are helping our customers break new ground by digitising Community Care (community nursing, mental health, and social support to name a few); digitise Statewide Referrals with streamlined referral management on Health Cloud; and accelerating their time to value by laying the foundations needed for Healthcare interoperability with Mulesoft Accelerator for Healthcare.

To support this velocity and our aspirations for the Future of Health, we are growing our practice with highly talented individuals who not only bring industry expertise but also a passion for making an impact on our customers and their consumers - stay tuned for updates! Something that we are focusing on this year is not only our ability to deliver high-quality solutions but also our ability to leverage Human Centred Design to continue focusing on the experience of key stakeholders in Healthcare & Life Sciences. 

Latest Healthcare Innovations on Health Cloud

The long-awaited Home Health Solution landed in the latest Salesforce Summer ‘23 Release, along with a number of key innovations that sees the extension of Health Cloud capabilities to continue to meet the growing need for digitisation in Healthcare & Life Sciences. 
We’ve summarised key resources below:

Home Health enables Community Care providers with powerful tools to digitise processes involved in delivering care in the community - very often done on paper today. It includes optimised home visit scheduling, visit execution, route information, and integration with care plans, and assessments in the field and at the clinic. All while putting the community healthcare consumer at the centre of everything that they do.
So what else is new and exciting in the Summer ‘23 release?

  • Integrated Care Management with upgraded user interfaces like the full hierarchical structure of a care plan and navigate to any of its records with a single click
  • Medication Management with a new Flow to help clinicians save time and reduce manual errors when adding patient’s medications
  • New dashboards for Care Managers to track and analyse team performance, task status, and care requests 
  • The ability for clinicians to send Assessments from Health Cloud to healthcare consumers to complete via the portal

If you want to hear more, about our projects, our team, our capabilities, and how we can help, reach out to us for a chat!

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