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Let’s go Headless

By Kim Spithill on 13th October 2021 in

Over the last few years, medium to large organisations have spent hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars bringing forward digital transformation initiatives.  Zion market research states Global content management software market is expected to …

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Extending care via Remote Patient Monitoring

By seanfinucanemav3rikcom on 8th October 2021

We recently conducted our very first internal Hackathon run over two half days. The ideas surfaced by our very own Mav3rik’s and ultimately their execution was of the highest caliber. It was an extremely close race …

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Looking Back and Leveling Up

By richardenojas on 28th February 2021

The small, bootstrap operation that Sean (my Co-Founder) and I set up in early 2018 is now 3 years old! And although it feels like Mav3rik has been around a lot longer given how much …

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