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Mobile apps, devices and the new age of healthcare

By Kim Spithill on 22nd October 2021

Patient care, health engagement, and wellness are at the forefront of Mav3rik’s mission to change lives and leave a legacy. Health Technology Mav3rik are passionate about peoples health.  We want to make an impact and leave behind a …

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The Art of the Workshop for the Everyday Salesforce Consultant

By Isaiah Creencia on 22nd October 2021

Congratulations! Your organisation has recently partnered with a client who is looking to you and your team to undertake a new implementation project! Sales has sent through the signed contracts, your Project Manager has forecasted …

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Let’s go Headless

By Kim Spithill on 13th October 2021 in

Over the last few years, medium to large organisations have spent hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars bringing forward digital transformation initiatives.  Zion market research states Global content management software market is expected to …

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